Natural Solid Perfume Compact, Shell with Botanical Fragrance You Choose Scent!


This natural perfume oil is an ode to dry, sweet tobacco and vintage roses.


You will receive one perfume in a cute shell pot containing about 12-15 grams. Comes wrapped nicely with a card about you perfume and samples from our shop. This compact has a smooth matte finish and feels nice in your hand. From an artisnal perfumery, all natural aromatics and botanical fragrances. Artisan botanical perfume for the nature lover!

T H E   P E R F U M E S:

Ambra – Unisex fragrance featuring warm natural ambery notes that develop on your skin to create your own unique scent.  Fossilized amber with its earthy, woodsy note, my own blended amber, with cistus, vetiver, and forest notes. My original Amber themed perfume.


Belles – This Rose and Jasmine perfume opens with a big splash of citrus. The heart features a bouquet of Turkish Rose, Faint Jasmine and wildflowers while the base a delicious blend of Vanilla, Amber and a dash of  saffron.


Driftwood – Dry parched woods with smooth dark, earthy notes featuring Indian Sandalwood and patchouli with dry accord.


Eartha – Opens in a field of mushrooms then blends beautifully into creamy rich patchouli and sandalwood with hints of tuberose. Inspired by a story I am writing and also included in the Fragments of Darkness series of perfumes.


Emiko – This perfume oil is a botanical inspiration. If you are a sci fi fan you will recognize the name perhaps, if not, the name Emiko comes from the original Godzilla story and the perfume itself is certainly inspired. Emiko contains delicious notes of mandarin and blood orange up front with coconut and dreamy apricot, along with subtle Japanese rose and a hint of creamy Gardenia on a base of vanilla bourbon which gives the perfume a lovely finish that isn’t too sweet.


an Island for Paula is a fruity floral with notes of summer at the beach with  tropical fruit notes amongst soft notes of Mimosa and Lotus. A sweet tropical experience.


Loom of Smoke – Walk into the woods and breathe in the scented damp fog, dense fragrant moss, and towering woods. The other notes include tree bark, fir and pine veiled in faintest smoke, a hint of wild lavender, black currant, incense, fossilized amber, in pure grain alc tincture of 3000 yr old cedar bark.


Tobacco Rose – Rich, smooth, laden with tobacco and wild rose, this vintage Rose perfume has dry notes, sweet tobacco married beautifully with soft saffron and creamy woods.  Very concentrated.


Moth and Butterfly –  a perfume oil sprinkles of dusky notes with night blooming flowers, wilderness flower, just a touch of rare sandalwood and Vanilla. A pleasant, dry, lightly floral perfume. Very Similar to De La Lune (which is alcohol based)


Moth and honeysuckle – Sprinkles of dusky notes with shaded Mountain honeyshuckle, tropical wildflowers, with a hint of rare sandalwood and Vanilla bourbon. A pretty scent.


Poete Fleur – I wanted the scent of picking fresh daffodil from the garden so this is seriously dirt-soil scent with daffodil and narcissus. Very green opening but warms a little during the drydown thanks to vintage pale sandalwood and tonka bean.


Reves Jonquil – Seriously green too,  with wet soil opening thanks to a very heavy dose of Persian Galbanum. I wanted to play around with the Poetes formula a little to see if I could make it more flowery yet stay true to the daffodil and soil notes. This version is more flowery with  Jonquil and Ylang Ylang with soft gardenia note playing around in the background. Much more flora than Poete Fleur, but still very green.


The Rose Bee – This is inspired by a walk through the buzzing wild rose thickets. Notes of honeycomb, beeswax, clover, with beautiful dry hay and rose, rose, rose. A very honeycomb rose scent with notes of hay and clover. Helps support pollinators!


Welcome to Siberia – the icy cold fir and pine forests of Christmas trees. Like a walk through a cold forest.


Wild Woods – it’s all about the fir and pine needles intermingled with strong mossy notes and the smokey nuances of real amber.


Within the Silent Shade – Strong citrus notes, with hints of the forest, wood,  wildlife and shaded flora including light violet notes.


Zelle Opium – Very spicy perfume, think opium dens of long ago with cinnamon, pepper, carnation, ylang,on a vetiver base. Very spicy.


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Weight7 oz