Boheme Natural Perfume Botanical Tobacco, Lavender, Citron, Woods, Vanilla, Aromatherapy, Essential oils 5 ml vegan




Boheme, natural botanical perfume has a fresh opening with a bite from citrus and hints of tobacco and tomato. It catches your attention and then smooths out with floral notes coming forth to play nicely with the tobacco and lavender. The drydown is lush vanilla, benzoin, creamy sandalwood and a hint of amber.
This perfume works for men and women. A snapshot of the French countryside where they still grow tobacco, and acres of waving Lavender alongside ancient farms with orchards of tomato, citron and zesty orange fruits… and from Paris, little boutiques filled with delicious vanilla and lemon pastries. Put it all together and you have a comforting scent that morphs and changes as it ages on your skin.

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Weight6 oz