Perfume Concentrations



Natural perfumes and fragrances can have different concentrations of actual plant element to carrier. In other words, I might have a parfum that has 40% essential oils and 60% alcohol. Or, if I want something lighter, I many choose a cologne which may be 15% of fragrance and 85%

Extract (Extrait), is the highest level of concentration of plant
material to carrier. We use up to 40%.

Parfum, is the next level of concentration of plant element, up to 40% plant
element to alcohol in our parfums.

Eau de Parfum (EDP), Ours has a concentration between 20% – 30%

Eau de Toilette (EDT), has a concentration of up to 20% and is probably the
most commonly purchased fragrance dilution along with the EDP.

Our Cologne has a concentration of up to 15% or slightly more.

Splash typically has under 5% fragrance to carrier. Just enough to give some
scent but not enough to interfere.

Our solid perfume is typically between 30-50%.

ABOUT variations.

Because essential oils are plant-derived substances from nature, there will
always be slight variations in composition and therefore, scent, from
one batch to the next may be different in the essential oils, and in
the resulting perfumes, where a new supply of oil was used. This is
why, for example, the current batch of Luthien Forest, may not be
exactly the same as the last batch. The differences should be slight

The scents of each batch of oils created are dependent on where the plants are grown, soil composition, weather conditions, time of day the plant is harvested, and other