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I have an awesome family that is very supportive and close. We love nature and creating. I’ve studied writing, aromatherapy, furniture refinishing, restoration of dolls and porcelain, perfumery, a bit of botany the old way ( while I lived in Alaska by hiking and researching every plant!)  and many creative arts. I’ve worked in the banking industry, health care, sales, had an antique furniture shop with family and friends, had a refinishing business, worked briefly for the film industry, made chandeliers, pillows, shabby and chic style, sachets and soaps and sold them on Ebay and Etsy. During all that, I have been a lover of scent. I have been perfuming for several years now and during wedding season, I also make wedding favors (botanical seed bombs) and have many other interests and hobbies including making weird dolls.





I’m one of those people that used to sniff every perfume, every candle in the store, probably much to the annoyance of whom ever I was with (except my sister who also joined in). I just had to know what everything smelled like. Are you a this way too? picking up everything from candles to flowers, soaps, fruits and veggies just to detect their scent?  you may be a budding perfumer or aromatherapist in the making!

Now, I cannot tolerate many of the synthetic odors, so I stay clear of the candle aisle but that’s not to say I find all synthetics offensive. Definitely not.




But, I love naturals so much more. Having lived in B.C., summered at the beach in Washington, traveled the west with family, lived briefly in Colorado, five years in Alaska, and live in the inland North West, primitive nature is something I know, and can’t live without. The lushness of these places is reflected in my creative work. But, I do love visiting the big cities for their culture and most importantly, my wonderful family. I grew up in the Vancouver area of B.C.




My current abode is a 100 year old house on a property we’ve planted new fruit trees on, a maple, plus a natural garden (though this year the veggies were a bust except for the tomato’s) and we get a lot of  wildlife visitors. We feed the animals that come by in Winter, and all Summer long we are feeding the birds, even caring for the injured and sick.

The area around here is lush with forests, lakes, rivers and abundant flora and fauna. I harvest from the forests when I can. I collected Alpine sap last summer which was used in a tincture and infusion for a couple of current perfumes. This year I collected Grand Fir and created a gorgeous oil and tincture.




The fragrances of the forests, meadows and farmlands permeate here, and are amazing. There are great fields of grass in summer, the roads are lined with daisies and wild flowers, tall grasses and the rivers are clean, clear, and abundant with fish. The Cottonwood and Alder in the Spring smell amazing, the Fir and Pine all year long…. I wish I could capture some of the unique scents out there in the wild but alas, not everything can be bottled.
In Fall and Winter, the fog, the snow, the hanging mist, is beautiful and has it’s own scents.






I have a home perfumery where I study and make perfumes, and an office where I can sit and work on the website. That’s my hand pouring more perfume on the towelette than in the containers!

If you are new to natural perfumes, I suggest starting with samples to get an idea of what you like. Naturals are very far removed from commercial synthetic perfume. They are more raw, more base, less silage and more intimate.  You aren’t likely going to get a good natural perfume cheap as the ingredients for premium essential oils are very expensive. The Jonquil absolute I purchased was over $450.00 an ounce and the Jasminum Sambac, 300 an ounce. But, it is always worth it to use the highest quality oils and I am really thankful for the people that source the very best so that we all can experience and live with these natural beauties.





The more you try naturals, the more likely you will stay with them as your body is in tune with nature at its core. I believe this is why so many natural oils can help heal, create well being, and clear the fog because the body and mind instinctively knows nature and uses it to advantage. I for one will perk up around the scent of fir and spruce and gain energy using a cassie perfume, for example.


I offer perfumes with the highest quality essential oils available and other botanical aromatic treasures. I recently purchased some beautiful resins from across the world that are truly divine. I will be using them in tincture. The essential oils I purchase support sustainable agricultural. The infusions (scent in oil), tincture and enfleurage (scent in hard oils such as coconut for solid perfumes and body butters) come from my own wild garden and the Forests of the Pacific North West and Inland Pacific.  Occasionally beeswax and ambergris are used in the liquid perfumes, but they are ethically harvested and are mentioned.  The ambergris was found on the beach having floated around in the ocean for years.  I do not use products that are tested on animals.

My perfumes are cruelty free and pure nature.

Thank you for visiting!



 The mists of the forest.




One of our beautiful Portulaca’s.



local visitor, Western Tanager


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